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Care For Your New Wooden Art Creation

Your creation from The Bespoke Fox should last you a lifetime or more if cared for properly.  There are a few simple guidelines to follow:

Food Contact Surfaces: Cutting boards and charcuterie trays are built with almost exclusively closed-pore wood species, food-grade adhesives and finishes. I also use either mineral oil, walnut oil, natural bees wax or a combination of all three.


Instructions:  Wiping off your board with a damp cloth is completely fine.  Under no circumstances should you submerge your board under water.  Different species of wood absorb water at different rates, and so submerged boards can become weak and swollen. Every few months apply Walnut oil or mineral oil to restore and protect the surface. I prepare the surfaces of all wood-contact products immediately before I pass them off to you, so you should be set for at least a couple of weeks.  If you plan on using your Bespoke Fox creation often or if you have a lot of wooden items in your kitchen, I also have 4 ounce jars of  The Fox's Wood Butter you may want to consider using to bring back the wood in your kitchen. Never place a food-contact board into the dishwasher. 

'Second Stave' Barrel Art:  If the piece of art is to for an adventure outdoors, the wooden staves are protected by two or three coats of high grade polyurethane.  This gives the wood an all-season protective covering.  Barrel bands are also restored and painted with a rust-inhibiting solution that can prevent spots if you use the band outdoors. Indoor barrel art also receives some staining to provide protection and uniformity when needed, and may be protected by a final coating as well.  This will protect from the occasional spills or dirt, but may not last for multiple years outdoors.  If you are going to use a piece outdoors, let me know so that I can add additional layers of protection for you.  Nothing is one hundred precent class-5 hurricane proof, but I can add additional finishes to at least give it a fighting chance!

Instructions :If necessary, clean each item with a damp cloth. For chairs and tables that may be used outdoors, I also exclusively use stainless steel screws and water-proof glue.  

Desks, tables and River Art:  Desks and tables take a little while longer to create, not because of the building process but because of the finishing.  I work with each customer on the best way to clean and maintain the piece.  For wood, I like to use multiple thin coats of sealer, allowing each to bond to the previous surface before moving on to the next layer.  These provide water and stain proof coverings that actually change over time.  While we can use the table or desk after a few weeks of initial cure, the surface may take between three and six full weeks to achieve the final cure and complete protection.  Epoxy surfaces are finished entirely differently, and can take up to 72 hours for the initial curing time and at least another week for the final cure.

Instructions: Use a damp cloth with no cleaner to wipe off the surface.  Chemicals may cause a discoloration or may erode the surface of the table or desk, so it is always best to use just a water-damp cloth. Do not use anything that may be abrasive, as this will cause very small scratches that will dull the appearance or cause something to become embedded in the surface.  

If you have any concerns after bringing your piece of art home with you, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Often imperfections that happen at home and cleaning or care disasters can be repaired and mended, so before you become discouraged please reach out and we can come up with a solution to get your Bespoke Fox creation back as a centerpiece of your home. 


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