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 An adjective of British heritage.

Definition: Created one at a time, for a special purpose or for a specific use.


Growing up in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, I spent much of my time adventuring outdoors - camping, hiking, backpacking, skiing and rafting.  Fast forward a few years,  my family and I now call central North Carolina home, but when I am not in my workshop you can still find me exploring, - kayaking down the Yadkin or New River, fly fishing in the Cherokee National Forest and camping near Black Mountain or Asheville.

The last few years I have been working with hardwoods, building trays, boards, tables and furniture.  I also really enjoy working with wine, beer and whisky barrels, repurposing the heads, staves and hoops into modern and functional pieces of art.


For those of you who live in central North Carolina, you know that besides furniture, this area is known for several world-class vineyards and small batch breweries.  When my wife and I ventured out for a tasting one weekend, I saw a charcuterie tray for the first time and thought, "Yeah, I can make one of those".  Within a few months I was building cutting boards and charcuterie trays for my neighbors and friends.  And of course when you are at a vineyard there is no shortage of wine barrels.  With so much potential and uniqueness, I was transforming or repurposing all of the parts of a barrel I could fit inside my workshop into functional artwork. 
Building with hardwoods is not my 'day job'.  It is a passion-project, which means I don't mass produce anything.  Each piece is a bespoke creation, built by hand, one at a time.  From something simple like a set of wooden coasters, a dining table or desk or a full set of wine barrel Adirondack-style chairs and tables, I would be honored to adventure with you to build something bespoke for your family. 


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